Boho Round Hanging Wall Mirror Decorative Rattan Circle Wall Mounted Mirror for Farmhouse, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom

Short Description:

  • Material: Grass and wooden beads edged with high refractive index mirror.
  • Specification of wicker mirror: outside frame measures 38cm(15inch), the mirror measured 30cm(11.8inch), other styles refer to the pictures.
  • Match all style of home decor: The boho style circle mirror is suitable for all countertops, and match all style of interior home decor, eye-catching and elegant.
  • Various usage: circle hanging wall mirror great for farmhouse, entryway, living room, bathroom, bedroom vanity, gallery wall and hallway, put on the desk is also a beautiful view.
  • Statement:All style designs come from us,a variety of styles are available.

Product Detail

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Dimensions & Weights

Item no. XH20-720
Product Dimensions See the pics
Product Weight See the pics
Product Name Wall Mirror
Materials Grass,Willow,MDF and Glass
Shape Round
Carton size
Production Handmade
Colour Natural
Delivery date 40days
MOQ 500pcs for each one

Notice to buyers

  • About color difference:
  • Due to shooting, display, lighting and other reasons, the product in different displays may appear different degrees of color difference, is a normal phenomenon, the actual color is subject to the received.
  • About delivery:
  • The actual delivery time shall be subject to the time agreed by both parties.
  • Transportation expenses:
  • Generally using ship delivery, because of the distance, the actual freight will be in order with you to negotiate.
  • About customer service:
  • Please check carefully before receiving the goods. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.
  • About evaluation:
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