Linliu wickerwork shines in the first Import Expo in Linyi

December 4 -6, China (Linyi) the first import commodity Expo held in Linyi International Expo Center. Mr. Wang Ander, Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Linyi, Mr. Anderson Madubik, Consul General of Nigeria in Shanghai, and Mr. Liu Fei, Secretary of the Party Committee of Linshu County visited Linshu Export to Domestic Sales Exhibition Area, and listened to the report on the development of Linshu Willow weaving.

Linliu wickerwork shines in the first Import Expo in Linyi (1)

Since the beginning of this year, under the support and guidance of the county Party Committee and government, the wickerwork handicraft industry in Linshu County has actively responded to the “three-step” strategy of rural revitalization of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, and made efforts to build the supply base of agricultural products, the “back garden” of leisure tourism and the “rear area” of industrial transfer in the central city of the Yangtze River Delta. Encourage and guide wicker knitting enterprises to establish new thinking, explore new ideas, develop new products, explore new resources, explore new markets, actively promote industrial upgrading, through the “foreign trade excellent products into the supermarket” and “100 Internet celebrities into 100 enterprises” activities, guide the wicker knitting industry to actively explore new methods and new ideas, promote the wicker knitting industry both inside and outside the market. Gradually out of a domestic and foreign “double cycle” of reform and transformation of the road.

Linliu wickerwork shines in the first Import Expo in Linyi (2)

Linliu wickerwork shines in the first Import Expo in Linyi (3)

From January to November, there were 192 enterprises in wicker weaving handicraft industry in the county, and the total output value of the wicker weaving industry was about 17 billion yuan. Among the nine towns and streets in the county, 7 towns and streets had wicker weaving processing industry, and tens of thousands of farmers were proficient in wicker weaving processing technology. It provides a “Linshu model” in terms of assisting farmers and benefiting farmers, helping people increase their income, and promoting the revitalization of rural industries, and provides a “high-quality path” for Linshu people to realize poverty alleviation.

Post time: Dec-17-2022